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Snacks that your body likey.

Natural crunchy chips made solely from fruits and veggies.

Same great product in a different packaging.
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Investment opportunity

Don’t just eat your fruits, let them grow too.

Wanna invest in the future of healthy snacking?

At Likey we offer you a one time opportunity to invest in our company and be part of our success.

The Likey story

We are a bunch of fruit lovers and snack enthusiasts who turned their passion into a delicious and healthy product.
Our journey began in 2008. We wanted to make the best fruit chips in the world. Sure, there were already delicious options out there. But no products had everything we were looking for. We wanted to create fruit chips that are healthier, tastier, crunchier, and a lot more fun to snack than anything else on the market.

Vacuum-fried or freeze-dried fruit wasn’t going to cut it. We had to develop an entirely new drying process, which made it possible to retain the flavours, high antioxidant levels, and complete nutrients of fresh fruits and veggies.
It took us 10 years, over 100 tons of fruit, and uncountable liters of coffee — but we achieved our goal.

How is it made?

The process that makes Likey so much better.

The Likey process

At the center of it all is our LIKEY drying process. We dehydrate fresh fruits and veggies in a low-temperature environment. Because the fruit is never exposed to high temperatures, we can preserve its flavour, aroma, texture, color, and high nutritional values. Thanks to our special process, only water evaporates from the product, and all the good stuff remains. 

But that’s not all. LIKEY fruit chips are only made from the highest quality, carefully picked fruits grown at approved locations. They do not contain added sugars, fats, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives or any kind of allergens.

coming soon

Coming soon to your favorite grocery store.

We set out to create a delicious and healthy snack.
We’re happy to say we succeeded and happy to share Likey chips with you soon.

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